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Designing and creating top-grade products.

»With our work we lay the foundation for top-quality products designed and made in Germany. We develop and construct towbars – often tailored to meet the requirements of the customer – and these are not only custom-fit, but also easy to fit and low-profile as regards the aesthetics of the vehicle.«
Charlotte Eßer

In our construction departments »Construction Automotive Metal« and »Automotive Electro« we work with high technical standards, always taking into account extensive safety testing and regulatory requirements in the test centre for our latest developments.

If you are familiar with the latest technology and would like to be involved in the development and manufacturing of top-grade products in original equipment quality, send us your full application for the vacancies and maybe we can welcome you into the MVG team.

We are also pleased to receive spontaneous applications.

Please note: The situations vacant apply to our location in Eschweiler.

Situations vacant:
More Situations vacant


You’re experienced in metal work or in electrical engineering? The MVG team needs support so apply for one of our vacancies.


You have work experience and are familiar with the requirements that are required in sales? So, have a look at our situations vacant, apply and join the MVG team.

Trainings & Internships

You are interested in practical experience for your studies or are looking for a training space? Contact us and become part of the MVG team as an intern, a working student or an apprentice.
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